Jonathan Stein

A Conceptual Artist in Sculpture, Painting, Installation, Photography & Video

About Jonathan Stein

JONATHAN STEIN was born in bronx, new york in 1978. classically trained from boston university, stein received a bachelor of fine arts in art education with a minor in photography and art history. throughout his education, jonathan had graduated from the new york film academy and also received the coveted “2003 best commercial photography portfolio from the art institute in fort lauderdale. A con- ceptual artist well versed in sculpture, paintina, installation, photography and video installation..

My Work

Dive into the captivating world of Jonathan Stein, a visionary artist known for pushing the boundaries of creativity. For over two decades, Jonathan Stein has been crafting exquisite and thought-provoking art that resonates with both corporate minds and compassionate hearts.


Jonathan Stein collaborates with companies, charities, and individuals to bring their visions to life. Whether you’re a corporation seeking a unique emblem that encapsulates your values, a charity aiming to amplify your cause through art, or an individual with a distinct idea – Jonathan’s artistic prowess can transform concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring reality.

Charities I Support

Charities and Companies Stein has collaborated with to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy Organizations, Children’s Hospitals and Causes.
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